As you enjoy these summer vibes, I have packaged up for you a beautiful collection of Coastal favourites, with Palm Breeze, Tropical Bliss and Ocean Mist. I know these soap bars will be a dreamy summertime favourite.


Palm Breeze

Close your eyes and dream of tall palm trees lining endless white beaches, huge blue lagoons with colourful coral reefs and a blend of exotic scents ...

We have captured the essence of the Caribbean with this magical soap featuring notes of creamy coconut, sweet sun-kissed honeydew melons, a refreshing splash of cucumber and exotic frangipani.


Tropical Bliss

As if carried to our senses by a spirit, the aromatics of a tropical garden paradise began to make themselves known, the vibrant and intoxicating aroma of North Queensland’s Frangipani, the delightful Honeysuckle warm, sweet and floral. Along side the prized possession of Hawaiian Plumeria, that captures the essence of the islands. Then notes of Magnolia Flower a sweet, fruity, exotic scent that is sedative and relaxing, yet uplifting.


Ocean Mist

Is a fresh and clean scent like a cool ocean breeze wafting along the rolling waves onto the soft sand of the beach. This is an invigorating ocean inspired blend of fresh sea and ozone scents that’s sure to perk up your senses with every use. This ocean bar soap is formulated to gently cleanse your skin with the healing power of the sea, Juniper and Fennel to improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin while the fresh Cypress scent stimulate and revitalizes.

Coastal Soap Pack


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