Explore the tall, dense jungle and feel the freshness with this invigorating scent. A delicate intro of dewy rainfall is supported by aromatic notes of Argentina Lemon and Peach with a hint of herbal aniseed making for a refreshing start to this complex yet perfectly balanced scent profile.


Including hints of rose alongside slightly softer notes from jasmine and lily, deepens further into a woodier, more earthy base due to the presence of amber, vanilla and musk. A multilayered, earthy, fresh scent.


  • Presented in a frosted glass tumbler, in an environmentally friendly, white cardboard box

    • 100% soy wax
    • organic essential oils ; Lemon, Peach, Fennel, Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Amber, Vanilla and Musk. 
    • with braided cotton wicks
    • blended + hand-poured in Melbourne
    • burn time approx.. 60 hours