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Immunity Booster : Cleansing & Purifying Four Thieves

In a yoga class we get real close to out yoga mats, so what's just sitting on the surface?

Let me take you a step further – energy flows through the soles of your feet into the ground and the earth’s energy enters your body (also) through the soles of your feet. Practicing yoga means manipulating, elevating, conserving the energies of the body, in their variety of shapes and instances. If you block them, by either wearing socks or your mat is dirty you will not get the desired results, but rather the opposite – disturbances in the body, that is. And trust me, you don’t want that – our bodies are disturbed enough already, thank you very much.

The soles of our feet & our palms are very sensitive and absorb quite easily all kinds of substances, more or less volatile, more or less concrete, whether you’re aware of it or not. Remember your grandma’s flu cure that meant wrapping your feet in chopped garlic? Remember that connecting with nature and walking barefoot on the grass, really connecting with the earth, is a well-know anti-depressant? There you go.

What else? There should be no obstacle between your skin and the ground. During most poses, your body must be grounded, meaning very stable, steady, firm to the floor, with muscles alert, safe and secure. That’s the only way we can build progress and get the desired results. If you’re not new to yoga, you already know Tadasana is the basis for most yoga poses. And Tadasana starts from the toes upwards – said toes should be very stable onto the mat… and so on and so forth, we could go on and on about this.

“But Amanda, I’m cold!” You will be warm in a few minutes, tops. Except for maybe my yin yoga classes, any style of yoga will get you pumped up shortly after the class has started, due to the muscles building up heat or due to breath work (they go hand in hand). And not only will you be hot, you will also be sweating, most likely, which is excellent!

“But Amanda, can I wear them for just 10 minutes until it gets warmer?” No, there’s no point. See above. Plus: a yoga class is never to be taken in freezing cold. You will notice 99.99% of yoga teachers turning the air conditioning off when they start their class. What’s more, leaving yoga aside a bit, any kind of physical workout is not to be conducted at the superb temperature of 16 degrees Celsius that is to be found in some gyms (South Pacific Chadstone). For a workout to be very effective and safe, there should be at least 21-22, if not 24-26 degrees Celsius for a yin yoga class in the space where it takes place.

“But Amanda, if I stay 10 minutes with my socks off, my ovaries will swell / I will get a urinary tract infection!” If you get infections and inflammations on a regular basis, it’s your overall immune system that has issues and you should go see a doctor… like, yesterday. Also: infections have to do mostly with viruses and bacteria, not with you staying 60 minutes with your bare feet on a yoga mat, out of which at least 45 you’d be spending all heated up.

“But Amanda, my feet are ugly / my feet are smelly & sweaty / I haven’t had a pedicure lately / I have calluses / etc.!” Guess what: Free your feet, toes, stop wearing shoes. Among many other things, yoga entails self-acceptance. Yoga is also an internal experience. The only relevant thing during a yoga class is yourself. Not the teacher, who is merely guiding your experience, and certainly not the other participants. Nobody will be looking at you, as everyone should focus on their own, private practice. And if they do, it’s definitely not your problem.

“But Amanda, it’s not hygienic / the studio mats are gross and dirty / I’m terrified I’ll get a fungus!” Some studios have horrible chemical sanitizer available to spray it atop of your mat and wipe it out with paper towels before / after class. And some just use water & Eucaltypus oil. Or simply bring your own mat & clean it at home.

I have designed a unique natural formulation to wash your yoga mat of germs and dirt. Four Thieves anti-bacterial formulation helps deodorize and maintain a clean, fresh mat. We know that yoga is a great way to increase your physical and emotional well-being & in any class you do you are going to get close & comfortable with your mat. Whether you're an extreme yogi or are just beginning, a good yoga mat spray is a must. With all that sweat and those germs hanging out at the gym and yoga studio, your workout gear can get dirty, moldy, and smelly.

Everybody needs Four Thieves Aromamist this Winter, such a versatile little bottle that is Purifying & Cleansing. This ancient blend of essential oils is designed to defend & protect the body. It’s versatile for building a healthy immune system, alleviates minor aches & pains or cleans & disinfects your home while eliminating odours, is child & pet friendly. This truly is amazing!

Made with love, this homemade blend includes, Juniper, Sage, Wild Marjoram, Clove, Angelica, Rosemary & Witch Hazel. Four Thieves yoga mat cleaner is available in a 250ml mist spray $10 or 500ml glass bottle spray $15. A concentrated blend 50ml glass mist $12. All products are available online.

See you in class!

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