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Day 16 ~ Reigniting the Spark of Hope ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times

“Each time someone stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others… he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.” – Robert Kennedy


Today’s meditation is about how we can become a beacon of hope for others by offering love and support without expecting anything in return from them. You can reawaken their hope by living that example of hope in your own life. When we can accept and love another person without judgement, we are connecting out true self with their true self on the feeling level. This breaks down the barriers of defensiveness and distrust, while reigniting their light of hope.


I bond with others to give them hope


“Om Karuna Namah” ~ I invoke the universal power of compassion


  1. Think of one person in your life you’d like to encourage, someone who would benefit from closer contact with you. Write about how you can inspire them and keep doing it over time. Keep in mind how hard it can be for some people to accept encouragement and adapt to this fact. Eg, those who need encouragement may feel timid and vulnerable, so approaching them with too much confidence can push them away. Deep listening means relating to their humanity on its own level, and if you show your own vulnerabilities, doubts and struggles, you will be much more effective in reaching them.

  2. Consider people you’d like to help but have been unable for some reason. Maybe it’s a sick relative living out of state, or a close friend in financial straits. Describe what the obstacles might be and how you can remove them, or other ways you might be able to help. Let hope find new options. Eg you might set up a Zoom session with your aunt twice a week to see how she is, With your friend under financial stress, you might help by spending some quality time with them over a home cooked meal. Describe ways you can be more open, available and inspiring.

  3. Write down the name of someone you feel a connection to and whom you want a stronger bond – perhaps someone in your yoga class seems interesting. Write about what draws you to this person and what you feel that brings out in you. Reflect on and write about what you can do to cultivate this connection, Eg being more open about yourself, asking for this advice and counsel, showing more affection and appreciation, etc.

Reaching out, to connect and create a spark, Amanda


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