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Day 2: Gratitude is Within you

Gratitude is a two-way flow of appreciation between your thanks and the uplifting response that you feel in return. Today in our meditation, we begin that conversation and find that as this conversation expands, we create even more thankfulness.

We discover how the flow of graritude from the heart is received by Nature in the same spirit it is given, and it is returned back to us as grace.

In today's meditation, we learn to expree gratitude from the silence of our awareness, which is the source of grace within.

Our centering thought for today is:

All good things bring gratitude

"Gratitude is the experience of our true self"

~ Gina Lakes

Sanskrit Mantra

Kripa Hum - "I am Divine Grace"  

Here is the link to our daily meditation

Journal Questions

  1. Describe three qualities about yourself that you are most grateful for.

  2. Write about a time when your gratitude or appreaction was received and reflected back to you, and you felt the situation was transformed by grace.

  3. List the people you would like to share your gratitude with.

May the feedback loop

of gratitude and abundance

continue to nourish us

in mind,


and soul,

as individuals,

as partners,

and as manifestations of the Divine.

May it be so.



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