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Day 20: The Highest love is Grace

Today's meditation, shows us how to harness the power of gratitude to guide our spiritual transformation. We are used to relying on our ego mind to make life choices.

But the vision and guidance of our separate self are always constrained by our past and our limited understanding that sees the world in terms of differences. The guiding grace of our higher self is not restricted by the past or our limited knowledge.

Graces sees the difference in the world as integrated parts of one wholeness. We feel this grace personally as a kind of divine love. This loving state of grace connects us, fulfills us, delights us, transforms us and awakens us to that elevated state of divine consciousness.

Our centering thought for today is:

I allow love to come to my aid.

"Love is such deep gratitude, When you are truly in love with life, every breath you take is gratitude"

~ Bryant McGill

Sanskrit Mantra

Aroot Perum - "I am the light of divine grace"  

Here is the link to our daily meditation




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