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Day 6: Gratitude Is in the Present

In today's meditation, we discover how gratitude makes the present moment fully alive, awake and enriched. We learn how every instant of our life is a unique gift and that when we are awake to this special value of the here and now, we step into a state of grace.

So musch of our cultural conditioning pulls us out of the present moment, striving for an impossible idael in the future. Somewhere outside this present time, we hope to have what we currently lack, or what we think we should look like and feel the happiness we don't feel now. But this assumes that the present is inherently lacking, and the present is all we ever know.

Practicing gratitude turns this around so that we find our completeness in the present moment.

Our centering thought for today is:

Every moment is filled with grace

"Just be, right now, here: and breathe. Begin to trust the magic of yourself"

~ Nikki Rowe

Sanskrit Mantra

Samprati Hum - "The present moment is my true self"  

Here is the link to our daily meditation

Journal Questions

  1. At this very moment, stop and look around you, being as present as possible. Describe your experience - what do you see, smell, hear and feel.

  2. List three things that often take you out of the present moment, such as minor distractions, interruptions by other people, overwork, fatigue, or old memories.

  3. Now take from your list from Q2, write about at least three ways you can minimise these things that distract you from bring in the present moment.

May this practice continue to teach me how to stay connected to my True Self. 

May this practice continue to teach me how to set myself free.




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