top of page of the most coveted of all resins. With its golden hue and promise of its infinite warmth. Adorned with fiery pink pepper and cinnamon to extenuate its mystical warmth. Lashings of honeyed golden vanilla encase the composition throughout its life, smoothing out the resinous facets bewitching all who encounter its trail. Intoxicating, enchanting and empowering, adjectives that merely define the cusp of this oriental dream.


Its smooth, sensational, exotic and mysterious blends of red and black current accented by a touch of citrus and warmed with spices, woody amber, sandalwood and lingering notes of sweet musk, topped with notes of cinnamon, golden vanilla, floral lily and lavender.


A luxurious soap rich with Vitamin E, our beauty bar creates a rich, soapy lather that will leave skin delightfully clean + nourished and wonderfully fragrant.

Amber + Spice Soap Bar

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