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Take a stroll through a fragrant wooded glen with the beautiful blend of deep teak and lush mossy notes. 


This fragrance opens up with oriental amber and vanilla. Spices of Nutmeg, Cinnamon and honeyed vanilla are supported by patchouli and woody notes including cedar and sandalwood. A sprinkle of soft floral notes of Lavender, Bergamot and Geranium combine well with Pine needles and White Cedar delivers an earthy moss notes that is fresh and clean.


We use 100% natural soy wax in all our candles with eco-friendly wicks. Experience a candle where you can evoke the senses of sight, smell and sound.

Amber, Teak + Moss Soy Candle

  • Presented in a silver screw top travel tin.

    • 100% soy wax
    • a cotton braided wick
    • blended + hand-poured in Melbourne
    • burn time approx.. 25 hours
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