Be a Goddess, with this divine treat.

Be inspired by the icon feminine scent of the limited edition Goddess bundle, find your natural beauty, inner power and mystic. These alluring exlires brings nourishment, spirit, empowerment and a radiant glow both internally and externally.


Your Goddess Pack includes Kali Ma, Green Tara, Saraswati, Parvati and Lakshmi 50ml Aromamist’s, lotus flower botanical soap and a mala bead bracelet. Valued at $100, Ananda Apothecary is giving the gift of wellness with today’s gift of Joy only $70


~ Let your inner goddess sparkle bright with this divine Christmas treat! 

Be a Goddess

  • I am Goddess.

    I rise with the Divine Feminine.

    I convey my needs with ease.

    I am is intentional.

    I connect to the rhythms of Mother Earth.

    I allow life to unfold around me.

    I am expressive.

    I honour the masculine and feminine at play within.

    I am intuitive, magnetic, curious and all encompassing.

    I am my truest self.

    I am Goddess.