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Bug Off Natural Insect Repellent 

With the summer right in place, there is so much to look forward to,  long day's at the beach, a picnic in the countryside, and spending as much time outdoor as possible with family, friends and pets!


One thing that you might not be excited about summer, however, is the bugs that are encouraged by the rising temperature that come close to you when you stay outdoor.


Then there’s the chemical-laden, insect repellent sprays and lotions available in the market which contain DEET and other harmful chemicals that we apply directly onto our skin to keep the bugs away… are these really safe to our body, our kids and pets? There’s got to be a better solution.


Ananda Apothecary has designed a natural plant based insect repellent  “Bug Off” to deter mosquitos and biting insects naturally. It contains oragnically natural and australian made ingredients such as citronella, lemon verbena, eucalyptus and white thyme essential oil, which mosquitos and flies can’t stand. Yet people love this refreshing and uplifting aroma.


Safe to our skin, children and pets. Now you can enjoy your hiking, alfresco dining or picnic without fearing the wrath of insect bites.


Available in soy candles 175ml with a burn time of 25hrs or 100ml with a burn time of 14hrs. Our seamless aluminium silver tins have a screw top lid with lined cardboard inner seal, prefect to reseal and travel with.  

Bug Off

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