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The power of scents can be soothing, invigorating and calming to body, mind and soul. I have designed this Aromatherapy range to delight the senses and help bring the body back into balance. Each chakra has specific beneficial oils helpful for stimulating, balancing, clearing unwanted energy, and healing the mind, body & soul. 


Each 300ml candle (60 hours burn time) in a glass frosted tumbler. Candles are made with 100% soy wax, organic essential oils and cotton wicks.

Chakra Soy Candle Pack

  • Included in the Chakra Pack, is 7 Soy Candles infused with organic essential oils and healing crystals: 
    ~ Root Chakra : Balance
    ~ Sacral Chakra : Allure
    ~ Solar Plexus Chakra : Harmony
    ~ Heart Charka : Compassion
    ~ Throat Chakra : Expression
    ~ Third Eye Chakra : Insight
    ~ Crown Chakra : Cosmic

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