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The Five Element theory is based on the observation of the natural cycles and interrelationships in both our environment and within ourselves. The Five Elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal may be understood as five phases or movements of yin & yang energy, which together form a dynamic whole.

The Five Elements have joined forces to help restore equilibrium and improve your wellbeing and Ananda Aromamist Five Elemental Blends can be enjoyed for their beautiful aromas or to help balance the five elements by triggering a healing response in the body and mind.

METAL ~ detoxifying
WATER ~ soothing
WOOD ~ rejuvenating
FIRE ~ zesty
EARTH ~ balancing

Elemental Packs now available 5 x 50ml mists $88.40

Elemental Range

AU$88.40 Regular Price
AU$63.40Sale Price
  • Shipping available within Australia only via Australia Post Parcel Service

    • up to 500g $8.50
    • up to 1kg $13.50
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