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Is the Supreme Protector, the goddess of compassion and light, she helps us move into a new state of being and doing. The Green goddess who was born in a lotus flower, has a love for all living creatures, she guides and inspires spiritual seekers on the path to enlightenment.


She embodies virtuous activity and fiercely protects those looking for higher levels of consciousness, bestowing freedom and fear and dangers. This mysterious and sensual blend is perfect for all energy work, creativity, healing and enlightened activity.


Green Tara is another jewel in the woody crown, divinely soothing. Like the lotus, it is both earthy and ethereal, reminding us that we may arise from the muck, but we aspire heavenward.


Contents : Blue Lotus, Helichrysum, Juniper, Angelica, Sandalwood, Green Tea, Copaiba, Niaouli

Green Tara

    • 100% organic essential oils; Blue Lotus, Helichrysum, Niaouli, Juniper, Angelica, Copaiba, Sandalwood + Green Tea
    • Combined with Purifyied Water & Witch Hazel
    • 50ml Glass bottle with a mist spray & cap
    • Handmade with LOVE in Melbourne
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