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Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to something special, just like these 3 new luxury soap bars. Break up the monotony of your morning routine with these alluring scents with a intoxicating woodsy, lush and sensual notes that smells amazing. 


Cashmere Silk is a blend of soft and velvety French vanilla, Oriental cashmere with amber, sandalwood and light musk. These comforting base notes are complemented by fruity top notes of apple, blueberry and grape, with a light floral finish of lily of the valley, freesia and magnolia.


Cedarwood + Saffron is a woody Cedar is infused with the smoky sensual scents of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver, then topped with eastern spices, a hint of resin and finished off with traces of lingering white musk.


Sensual Sandalwood soap bar reveals a sensual and woody composition, with fruity touches of grapefruit and green accords of fig leaves mixed with white spices. 


Each soap bar delivers an irresistible and sensuous fragrance that will leave you with long lasting and addictively fragrant skin.


Each handcrafted bar of soap is made using only the highest quality of ingredients and organic where possible. All ingredients are renewable and biodegradable.


Indulgence Soap Pack

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