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The Hindu goddess of Abundance and Good fortune. She is the bestower of intelligence and success, giver of worldly enjoyment and liberation. The embodiment of purity, beauty, grace and charm. Feel like a goddess with this fragrant blend of euphoric nag champa, refreshing lemongrass and calming lavender.


Lakshmi throws the spell of the intoxicating sweetness of the divine; to be close to her is a profound happiness and to feel her within is to make existence a rapture and a marvel; grace and charm and tenderness flow out from her like light from the sun and whenever she fixes her wonderful gaze or lets fall the loveliness of her smile, the soul is seized and made captive and plunged into the depths of the unfathomable bliss.


    • 100% organic essential oils; Vanilla, Lavender, Lemongrass, Mandarin, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile + Nag Champ
    • Combined with Purifyied Water & Witch Hazel
    • 50ml Glass bottle with a mist spray & cap
    • Handmade with LOVE in Melbourne
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