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WATER – Soothe 
The comforting properties of our Water blend will nurture, emotionally strengthen and deeply relax for a calm mind. The soothing scent of Cucumber, Eucalyptus and Clary Sage assists with encouraging serenity and will help you unwind by leaving you with a feeling of peace, clarity and wellbeing. 

Water soothe promotes wisdom with Fragonia, Fir Needle boosts inner self-knowledge, Lime and Penny Royal aids in decision making, purification, Tarragon lifts depression and eases fear in the heart. This tonic benefits the nervous systems, cleanses organs, thymus and immune system.

Ananda Aromamist Five Elemental Blends can be enjoyed for their beautiful aromas or to help balance the five elements by triggering a healing response in the body and mind. METAL ~ detoxifying, WATER ~ soothing, WOOD ~ rejuvenating, FIRE ~ zesty + EARTH ~ balancing. 5 x 50ml Elemental Pack (RRP $88) 


Water Elemental

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