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East meets West in a scent of the orient. When chests of Chinese black tea and bergamot oranges were shipped together as a gift to the English Earl of Grey, the citrus flavour was absorbed by the tea, resulting in the much-loved Earl Grey blend. This fascinating legend has inspired our latest fragrance Zen Garden.


Its oriental citrus and spicy top note of bergamot, sprinkled with black peppercorn and dusted with nutmeg, seductively introduces the queen of white florals - Jasmine absolute - at its magestic heart. Deeply musky fragrance of amberCradling the queen is a green and earthy base note accord of amyris wood, greentea, and grassy ginger.


This oriental and romantic blend, unveils the flower‘s erotic decadence

fluctuating between petals and leaves, freshness and sensuality, day and night.


For a scent that evokes mystery, exoticism and sensuality, Zen Garden is an heavenly blend of pure essential oils, bergamot, jasmine, gingergrass, amber, greentea, ylang ylang, amyris, ho wood, black pepper + nutmeg.

Zen Garden

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