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Day 12: Loving with Gratitude

Today's meditation, is about Divine love, the spiritual grace that sustains everyone and everything. This love is always there whether we see it or not.

When gratitude is give to another person, it is really an expression of love. Like all forms of love, gratitude removes the feeling of separation and distance between hearts. It is an affirmation of our common existence.

Gratitude brings us out of our selfishness, which may be afraid of love due to insecurity, vulnerability, or fear of rejection. When we learn to be grateful with a full heart. We learn to love unconditionally. To live this divine love is to live in grace.

Our centering thought for today is:

When I am Grateful, I find my Grace.

"The more Grateful we are, the more connected we become to the Universe around us"

~ Stephen Richards

Sanskrit Mantra

Dhanya Vad - "I Feel Gratitude"  

Here is the link to our daily meditation

Journal Questions

  1. Describe three ways divine love or grace supports your life right now.

  2. Write any feelings you may have that suggest a lack of suport from divine love Eg: lack of faith, unbelief, skepticism, anxiety, strong negative beliefs, or lack of trust.

  3. List active steps towards gratitude you can take to overcome your inner obstacles and resistance to divine love, such as enjoying inspirational poetry or spiritual literature, offering forgiveness to someone, or connecting with a sympathetic believer.




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