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“Me time. A time for myself. A time to relax, unwind, be alone with my thoughts, feelings. A time of reflection, a time of thinking, sleeping, being active. A time of enjoying doing nothing. A time I get to spend with myself and I love it.”

Ok, so we know the definition. We know about “me time”. We know it exists, some of us even know how good it feels. So why is it then that we practice it so rarely? It’s always something else or someone else first, especially for us women.

We are social beings and interaction with our humans is essential for our development. True. But what we tend to forget sometimes is that spending some quality time alone is also essential for maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.. Taking some me time is a part of self-care and it plays an important one.

Me time should be your time to rest, relax and spend time on activities that make you happy. Lack of adequate time for these things may lead to anxiety, feeling run down and stressed out. So what can we do in order to make some time for ourselves and not just to talk about it?

1.Plan ahead

Schedule “me time” with yourself and put it in your calendar. Plan every week ahead and stick to the schedule. Think of your me time as an important meeting or a date – with yourself.

2. Set reminders to take some me time

That’s right. Ditch the excuse “I forgot about it” and set reminders in your phone that will remind you to take this necessary time to be with yourself.

3. Make a list of activities you want to try out or enjoy

It could be a massage, a yoga session or a makeup lesson. Enjoy in your hobbies and find time to try things you’ve always wanted to. When was the last time you read a book? Visit your local library or Amazon store to find the right book.

Still not convinced? Then read these 3 benefits of quality me time:

1. Emotional well-being is as important as physical well-being.

2. Taking me time is a necessity for optimal coping and thriving.

3. The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for any other relationship.

So go on, schedule some “me time” in your calendar right away and learn to enjoy being in your own company.

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