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Great ways to use your Ananda Aromamists

Ananda Aromamist are beautifully handmade aura sprays made with love, blessings and positive intentions, with natural essential oils being the primary element.

They were made with the intention to be easily available at the specific moments in need. If you are home or out and you are feeling unbalanced, uneasy, anxious, or whatever that feeling may be, you can simply pull out your mist and spray the divine essence to create the space for you to connect and heal.

Essential Oils aroma is so potent and powerful, that by being able to carry it with us in times of need, we are able to feel safer and more in control, so you can go about your day knowing that you have a tool you need to overcome any emotional barriers.

When I designed the blends, I had an intention in place for the use of the essential oils and what I felt was the emotional and energetic connection that I needed to sit with, whether that be to balance, stimulate or calm. For me to breath in this divine scent and just be.

I also love how my customers let me know what other benefits they find from the mists & how they use them. There are many different ways for to use your Ananda Aromamists and here is a few options for you to enjoy.

Spray your mist above your aura

One of the most powerful and popular ways to use your Aromamist is by simply spraying the mist directly above or in front of your body, your aura. The Aura is our etheric, or energetic, field around our physical body. When our auric field is energetically depleted, this can move and affect our physical body, which can resort to physical pains and discomforts, mental and emotional imbalances. That is why when we spray the mist around our auric field, we can then help cleanse and balance those particular ailments. Simply spray just about your head, close your eyes, and take a deep full breath, stand and be present in this space for 3 full breaths.

Oil burner, vaporizer or spray your mist room, sacred space or workplace

Spray your Aromamist generously around your room where you spend time in, especially when there are other people walking about. This may be at home after work, in your yoga studio, home or work area. Specific oils have been known to purify and cleanse or uplift and create stillness in that space around you, and have been used since ancient times as sacred rituals. Spray your mist in the corners of the room, and hold the intention of the mist.

Spray on your body as a Perfume or Deodorant

I enjoy spraying the all-natural Aromamist on my wrists, forearms & heart space for aromatic purposes and to simply smell divine. I have now thrown out all my fragrance perfumes and only Sarawati, Turkish Moon & Lakshmi (my personal favorites). They smell fantastic, the scent is long lasting and as our skin is the largest organ in our body, whatever you use will go straight into your bloodstream and travel throughout our body; therefore it is crucial what you use on a regular basis. Four Thieves is a great cleansing & purifying antibacterial deodorant spray too!

Spray your bed linen, cushions, yoga mats, pet beds

When spraying a particular Aromamist around your surroundings, you are setting a direction or purpose for your practice to take you. For example, by spraying Tranquility or Sweet Savanasa on your bed linen helps for a restful nights sleep or in Meditation you can set your intention to help you become closer to your higher self or source, and to increase your intuition and psychic abilities. Spray on your yoga mat & each time you connect to the earth via your body you transmit the essential oils through your skin and smell the divine scent through the nose.

Spray your mist during a healing

Aromamist can be a great addition to your healings, yoga practice or meditation especially mists like the Chakra range. Ok seriously you could use them all, that’s why I designed them to compliment my yoga practice and that’s why I share this love with you. Spray 2-3 times over your patient or clients aura, or alternatively, you may even use the mist on yourself, to clear your mind, trust your intuition and may add as your meditative ritual ahead of your working/healing day.

Spray your mist before any event

When spraying your Aromamist before any type of event Big or small, it can allow you to be and feel more energetically protected, happier, clearer, or focused, depending on the event itself and its meaning to you. This can be part of your “getting ready” ritual or spray when you need it; in the car, before an exam, travelling, public transport, around sick people, job interview, birthday party, Christmas, the list is endless.

For more ways to use individual sprays please contact me or leave a comment below.

I would love to hear how you use your Ananda Aromamist and what has come out of it.

Please email

Love & Light: Amanda

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