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Connect with native plants and places in celebration of Indigenous culture.

NAIDOC week is a time for all members of Australia to come together, learn and celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

NAIDOC Week is an annual celebration of our Indigenous peoples that takes place every July. There are heaps of fun ways you can discover and celebrate the culture and collective knowledge of our Indigenous peoples through the diverse native plants that still grow across the country. Some are even easy to grow in your backyard!

Get workshopping

You can find local workshops and short courses throughout the year where you can learn about native plants. Here are some on this week as well as throughout the year:

· Royal Botanic Gardens (Melbourne)

· CERES (Melbourne)

Get spritzing

Discover the healing qualities of pure essential oils extracted from Australian native and grown plants. Ananda Apothecary has been inspired by the Australian native outback with its Australian Botanicals blend.

  • Kunzea, renowned for its balancing action on the nervous system. It is ideal to use when stress levels are high and mood levels are low.

  • Rosalina is a delicate floral aroma that will improve your general wellbeing,

  • Buddha Wood has an earthy, woody and whiskey aroma, which is very grounding and great for meditation

  • Australian Sandalwood & Australian Lavender has a soothing and calming effect.

  • Native Lemon Myrtle is wonderfully uplifting, refreshing and can help sharpen the mind during foggy moments.

  • Fragonia is its ability to work at a deep level, releasing both physical and emotional blockages; it possesses the ability to bring harmony, peace and balance.

Get planting Spring is almost here so it’s time to plan what you’ll be doing in Spring. Why not check out some easy to grow native edibles and plant a few?

Get bushwalking The natural splendour of Australia is beyond breathtaking. Getting out and about in the bush will help you understand why connection to country is such a strong part of Indigenous culture.

Follow @naidocweek and visit their website to discover what’s happening in your area.


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