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Day 1 ~ The Power of Hope is Real ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times.


Before we begin, let’s pause and whisper, ‘thank you for a new day’

And for the next 21 days, every morning when we open our eyes, let our first words be ‘thank you.’

“The power of hope upon human exertion, and happiness is wonderful” Abraham Lincoln.

Welcome to our 21 Day Meditation Experience, Hope in Uncertain Times. We know many of you are feeling uncertainty and confusion about what is happening in the world and what that means in your life. And uncertainty isn’t just present in world events, it can also appear personally in your relationships, your career, or any number of life circumstances. This meditation experience will show you how, by directing your attention within, you can find a real hope at the core of your being that give you the strength, clarity and purpose to navigate these turbulent times.

We are happy you are joining us to learn how to find and activate this deep hope in your heart. Over the next three weeks, we will explore and experience the power and the freedom that comes with living from a place of unshakable hope.

In today’s meditation, we learn that uncertainty is not our enemy. We can embrace uncertainity from a place of inner security and harness its creative potential. Secondly, we discover that hope is activated through self – awareness. Our journey together will reveal that hope is not only a powerful center of security and guidance in life, it is also our true nature, our essential being.


MANTRA + MEDITATION 'Sheevo Hum' ~ I am pure potentiality Here is the link to our daily meditation:


  1. Hope supports you when you give it a direction. Write down 3 things you hope for in your life, ie. More fulfilling relationships, better work life balance, inner optimism. Having written these things down, take each one, close your eyes and repeat each hope silently to yourself with your attention on your heart center. Feel the promise of how hope can warm and expand the heart.

  2. For each of the three things you hope for, write down one action you can take today that will help to bring it about. A small step is perfectly fine, and you should always start within comfort zone. The point is to begin to act so that hope’s power can be awakened.

  3. Taking those same three items you hoped for, journal about how you believe you will feel when that hope is attained. Is it relief, elation, freedom, a sense of belonging, love, accomplishment?

May your day be filled with hope

Love, Light + Peace, Amanda


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