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Day 10 ~ The Reality of Inner Strength ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times

“Hope is the sun. It is light. It is passion. It is the fundamental force for life’s blossoming.” – Daisaku Ikeda


Despite what modern cultural beliefs tell us, true personal strength is not about power, influence or domination. Real strength comes from a sense of inner security, peace and contentment. Our meditation today shows us that this real strength is available in the peaceful, contented consciousness of our true self.


Being at peace is my greatest strength


“Om Gum Namah” ~ Expansive consciousness dissolves obstacles.


  1. Write down the names of any friends or family members who make you feel safe. Each of them embodies a quality of strength you already have inside you which only needs to be amplified. Maybe it’s the steadiness of your friend, or the intelligence and competence of your aunt. Now, identify those qualities of strength you see and journal about how you could incorporate them more into your life to increase your own strength.

  2. Describe the things you admire in the strongest person you either know or experience in fiction or the news – a true hero or heroine. Now, write about why you identify with attributes and why these values are important to you.

  3. Think of one or two people who could use your support, help, advocacy, service or intervention. Write down their names and simple ways you can offer your own strength to them. As their inner strength is activated, they in turn can then serve as a source of strength for others.

Chasing rainbows + sunshine

Light, Love + Peace, Amanda


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