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Day 14 ~ Living by the Light of Hope ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times

As we come to the end of the week two the energy of hope should be awakening you up to the energy of calm and power Thus far we have learned that hope is a powerful guide from our true self that leads us out of a mindset of struggle. When you are no longer dependent upon external beliefs to give your life direction and meaning, you are the light unto yourself because you have discovered the presence of awareness.

“I find hope in the darkest of days and focus in the brightness. I do not judge the universe.” – Dalai Lama


Hope is a light that shows our way along the path. This light of awareness is also a light of insight and understanding, giving us the strength of our convictions as well as lightness of heart. Our meditation today shows us that the light of hope is, above all, a light of love uniting our lives and liberating our spirits.


My future unfolds with hope + joy


“Aroot Perum Jothi” ~ I invoke divine grace light


  1. Think about a conflict you really care about in the world or in your private life. You can help bring harmony to this issue by writing down each viewpoint, describing both opinions of the two sides that oppose each other. Now close your eyes, take a breath and say inside “I value and accept both sides. I send my light to both sides”

  2. Bring to light a person you judge, hold expectations about, or find yourself wanting to control. Write down their name and the nature of your expectations. Continue journaling about what you think if feels like for that person. Is your influence making them feel lighter and freer, or more trapped and hopeless? Now write the following sentence next to their name : “In my heart I respect you and want you to be free to be your true self”. Repeat this sentence silently to yourself until you feel settled. Journal about any feelings you have afterward, including thoughts on how you can show your newfound respect the next time you meet or talk.

  3. The exercise from Q2 can also be used to rid yourself of the controlling influence of other peoples expectations on your life (as well as self judgements). List the controlling behaviour, expectations and demands you feel from various sources ie, your parents, boss, siblings, partner and even your own critical self. Write about how it feels for your inner spirit to try to live according to these outer expectations. Now recognise that your true self knows its real value and that it needs to follow its own path. Then write “In my heart I respect myself and want to be free to be my true self” Repeat this sentence silently to yourself until your feel settled. Journal about any feelings you have afterward.

May your light shine bright

Love, light + Peace, Amanda


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