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Day 15 ~ Bringing Your Creativity in to the World ~ Getting Unstuck : Creating a Limitless Life

Week three is about living the complete spirit of creativity. This third and final week focuses on allowing newly awakened creativity to impact our lives at every level. Then, we can infuse our creativity into relationships, where ‘stuckness’ has caused problems to arise, or at work and beyond, to break down boundaries that are preventing progress. The key is closing the gap between the self we see in the mirror and the true self. When those two are merged, anything becomes possible.

“Self expression must pass into communication for it’s fulfilment.” ~ Pearl S. Buck

Message of the Day

Creating a limitless life means we participate in the world with an open, joyful and collaborative awareness. It is not a solo journey, it is a journey that involves us with the people and the environment we are in.

Today’s meditation shows is that when we experience life from our limitless creative source, we naturally foster creative solutions for everyone around us.

Today’s Centering Thought

When I relate to anyone, both of us will gain something.

Our Sanskrit Mantra

“Om Prani Dhana” ~ My individuality expands to universality

Here is the link to our daily meditation:

Reflection Journal

  1. A successful relationship involves cooperation. Choose an important relationship in your personal or work life. Write down two ways that you could cooperate more, making it easier for the other person to see your relationship as a collaboration.

  2. A successful relationship involves sharing. Reflect on how you could share yourself more generously with someone else in your life. This means sharing your sympathy, close attention, appreciation, expertise and other good things.

  3. A successful relationship involves communication. Reflect on how you can open the lines of communication with yet another person in your life. This involves being a good listener, not being judgemental, taking an interest in what interests them, and speaking your truth without being harsh.

NOTE: Be what you want from others for it to come back to you in reciprocation – it is spiritual law


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