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Day 17 ~ Hope goes Viral ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.” – Maya


We all understand how we can be an agent of change for the people we personally interact with, but we can also affect those around us with whom we don’t have direct contact through the connection of our shared collective consciousness. When we learn to consciously live and act from a deep place of hope, love and kindness, we are stimulating and connecting to the same level of hope, love and kindness in others, near and far. As their hope and love is awakened, it increases the strength of the signal, awakening more hearts in turn. This is how hope goes viral.


I bring hope into the present moment


“Samprati Hum” ~ My true self is wide awake


  1. Write down the names of one person you know who wants to change but is struggling against some old limiting beliefs. Maybe it’s an idea that life would have been better if ‘other people’ hadn’t taken their job opportunities. Write about how difficult that must feel for them. Now, think about a similar belief and feeling you may have had while going through a major life change. How can you help this person realise that every life experience is a valuable and integral part of your growing self awareness? This is the seed of hope you can share with others.

  2. Write down the name of someone who is so stuck they refuse to shift their limiting beliefs. Now, remember a time that you felt a similar fear or change, but that you ultimately found the courage to overcome. How did this fear close you off from the flow of life? Journal about how you came to the realisation that a change was needed. To be a silent source of hope for this person going through something similar, close your eyes and visualise them. From your heart say, “I will always accept you. I am always here for you.”

  3. Think of someone who has a strong virtue that you would like to adopt and help go viral. Maybe they are especially kind hearted or always ready to help those in need. Write their name and while thinking of that virtue in them, take a moment to settle down within yourself and find the seed of that trait in your own heart. Feel that quality of your awareness and breathe into it a few times. Now write about that feeling and what actions you could take to bring it into the world.

Grow in Abundance, Amanda


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