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Day 19 ~ Hope brings Simplicity ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times

“Hope is the word which God has written on the brow of every man.” – Victor Hugo


Today’s mediation is about recognising the simplicity at the core of life, and then learning to live from that place of calm simplicity to smoothly orchestrate the disparate demands and forces in our everyday existence. The simple unifying quality of awareness is related to the power of hope. When we feel the connection to our simplicity of being, we have hope as well.


I offer hope from the simplicity of my heart


“Namah Shee Va Ya” ~ I invoke the infinite potentiality of the universe


  1. Confusion happens when things get too complicated. Write down a relationship in your life that has gotten too difficult and complex. Describe in your journal the simple feeling that matters the most to you in the relationship. Now continue writing about the various complications that have developed over time and how they have come to obscure that underlying feeling that you value. As you close your eyes, visualise this person and say to yourself, “I will not let these complications shadow what I love in this relationship. Let the simplicity shine through.” Hold the person in your heart with simple love and appreciation. Write about how you feel now.

  2. A common source of complication in relationships is misunderstanding and the hurt feelings that are held afterward. Journal about a relationship you have in which there has been some longstanding resentment, distrust, or hurt feelings from a misunderstanding that has never been fully cleared up. Now write down one or two actions you can take to uncomplicated this relationship; eg, offering a heartfelt apology for causing hurt, wanting to really hear their side of the story and taking it seriously, saying how much their relationship means to you, etc.

  3. The greatest simplicity is loving kindness. What act of kindness can you offer in a complicated relationship? Journal about some possibilities.

Don’t just fly, soar!, Amanda


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