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Day 2 ~ Hope is Always Available ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Times of Uncertainty.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu


In today's meditation, we learn that hope is an intrinsic part of who you are, like the love and compassion in your heart. But to make this hope a real powerful force in life, we need to activate it with self awareness. Once genuine hope is ignited, it transforms your reality and eradicates fear and uncertainty.


The power of hope is here every day.


“Samprati Hum” ~ My true self is wide awake

Here is the link to our daily meditation:


  1. In each of our relationships, there is a spectrum of hope that ranges from hopeless about creating any real change to embracing change. Take two relationships that are very important to you and rate them from 1 (never going to change) to 5 (always changing and growing). Briefly write down why you feel this way for each of them.

  2. What qualities would give these two relationships more hope? Using the word ‘more’, follow it with positive possibilities, such as more acceptance, more tolerance, more forgiveness, more affection, more honesty.

  3. 3. Even though every relationship is a two way street, describe one thing you will do today for each of these relationships that represent a change you want, picking from the qualities you wrote down in Q2, eg. If you wrote more affection, perhaps you could give your family member a prolonged hug.

Feel the sunshine fill your heart space

Love, Light + Peace, Amanda


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