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Day 22 ~ Hope Holds the Future of the World ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times

As we come to the end of this meditation experience, today is a BONUS day that is intended to tie up the message that hope is the future. I hope you have enjoyed joining me on this journey and I hope to bring you many more enriching experiences through this evolving blog.

“Hope is not dead, it is just larger than our imaginations: its purpose extending far beyond our comprehension.”– Kathy Hobaugh


Even though the world will always be unpredictable and filled with uncertainty, we can choose how we react to that. Uncertainty doesn’t mean we need to be fearful and anxious. Today’s meditation shows us that the final use of profound hope is to remain rooted in your vision of change as a welcome source of creativity and renewal. As we learn to live ever present awareness, our true nature, we are at one with the source of infinite creativity of life itself.


I live in the world of my vision.


“Aham Brahmasmi” ~ I am the wholeness of universal existence.


  1. We evolve by letting the light attract us. Write down the aspects of inner growth you find most appealing, choosing from the following, joy, creativity, intelligence, insight, love, beauty, knowledge and compassion. Place each quality in your heart, allow your subtle senses to feel the colours, shapes, textures, sounds, flavours, and scents of joy. Describe this as best you can in your journal along with the emotions that accompany these experiences of consciousness.

  2. Here’s a simple exercise to bring you closer to your essence. Write down the words “I am”, then close your eyes and say them to yourself. Let your awareness grow quiet and centered. Repeat slowly five times. Now describe your experience in your journal. With each repetition, did it feel like you were dropping deeper and deeper into your core self, or that with each “I am” you were radiating an impulse of your truth?

  3. We spread our light of hope to the world not through a global media message or campaign, but by going to that place of hope within us that is also the place of hope for every person on the planet. As we shine our light of hope, we are making it easier for those around us to ignite their own light. Write down a vision of how this light of hope can spread throughout the world. Describe in detail what that kind of world would look and feel like.

Namaste, Amanda


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