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Day 5 ~ When You Are Real, You Have Infinite Hope ~ 21 Days of Manifesting Hope in Uncertain Times

“Hope… is the companion of power, and the mother of success; for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles.” – Samuel Smiles

Today I want to touch upon the journal reflection questions that are part of these meditation experiences. The journal questions allow you to dive deep into yourself as if you might be speaking with a therapist, counsellor or life coach and they guide you into a new understanding. They are quite powerful and I encourage everyone to use them.

MESSAGE OF THE DAY Being hopeful is often considered impractical in our society. But the kind of hope we are talking about here is eminently realistic because it is rooted in your essential nature. Our consciousness is a field of infinite possibilities, a source of unlimited creativity. When hope springs from this place of unbounded energy and intelligence, then it is powerful and real.

Today’s meditation connects us to this source of infinite hope as our true self and makes our actions effective and purposeful in an uncertain and chaotic world.


I have every hope in the world.


“Aham Brahmasmi” ~ I am the wholeness of universal existence


  1. Trusting in the best outcome is a habit you can develop. Think of a common situation during your day when you are tempted to jump in and take control. Generally, these are experiences in the family or at work where you feel you know better or have the right answer. Write down the situation and how you typically respond. Now reimagine the situation, but this time you pause and say to yourself, “I’ll watch and see how this turns out” By backing off, you get to see if a good outcome unfolds on its own. Now journal about a possible alternative outcome. The more you discover that this is possible, the easier it becomes to trust.

  2. To stop being stuck in predictable outcomes, notice the times when you repeat yourself, especially if the person you are talking to has heard it a dozen times (this is often true with family members). Write down one example of a situation that triggers a repeated response. Now imagine this situation again but instead of your reflexive response, you pause for a second and wait for a different reaction to come up. Write down this new thought. Taking a pause to center yourself and act more like an observer will get you out of a rut.

  3. To embrace the unknown instead of fearing it, the secret is to maintain self control and be open at the same time. One way to do this is with people. Think about someone you know very well and spend a lot of time with. Now journal about the last they did something new, unexpected, or original. This will often be something very small, like softening on a hard position, showing a bit of curiosity, or not giving a knee-jerk reaction. Say to yourself “Not everything is so predictable. I can relate to that.” Send out a silent request to see even more of the same.

Enjoy every moment

Love, Light + Peace, Amanda


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