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Winter Pick Me Ups to Beat the Winter Blues

As the long sunny days and joyful seasons pass, some of us may find that we begin to feel melancholy, unmotivated and have difficulties sleeping in our usual pattern. Seasonal affective disorder or S.A.D. is mostly due to a decreased amount of sunshine and light that occurs during autumn and winter.

However, you may find aromatherapy, yoga and mixing things up a bit can help to uplift your spirits, and pull you out of a slump.

Feeling a little dreary and ready for winter to end? Trust me those winter blues are a real thing! Let’s beat the winter blues with easy pick-me-up ideas!

  • Find a new workout routine to try. Get endorphins going, spark new brain pathways, and warm up your body with something new and exciting to you.

  • Speaking of workouts, Try Hot Yoga. If you need to beat the winter blues and you’re tired of feeling cold, this will warm you right up! Feel your happy endorphins, feel the contrast of a very warm, cosy yoga experience to give you a quick pick-me-up to beat the winter blues.

  • Buy bright coloured socks or yoga tights this will add a little spring into your step. There’s nothing like a peak of neon or a happy yellow to make you smile and instantly boost your mood!

  • Sit beside a window and feel the Winter sun shine through. A little extra light can do wonders for the soul! Move from room to room, so you can maximise the most of the day's sunshine.

  • Spritz “Pick Me Up” Aromamist around your aura. For instant feel good vibes, essentials oils can be a simple but effective way to beat the winter blues. Aromatherapy can play a nurturing and supportive tole to help carry us through the autumn (and winter) blues. Below is our Winter Pack 3x50ml mists of Four Thieves, Pick Me Up + Happy Lotus

  • Rearrange a room. Feeling stuck inside? Beat that winter blues trapped indoors feeling, by making your space feel exciting and new. Even if it’s just moving furniture around, a little update and change is good for the soul and an instant pick-me-up.

  • Play your music loud as you dance around the house, pop your pods into your ears as you take a walk in nature and see the wonder of the change in seasons, tune into my Spotify playlist.

  • Plan a fun adventure for warmer months ahead. Spring will come before you know it, and sometimes having a trip to look forward to or activity on the calendar to remind you of it is just what the soul needs! Watch this space for our next yoga retreat.....

  • Treat yourself to a spa day or a hot bath. Have you seen Ananda Apothecary newest luxury bath salts? If the cold weather has got you feeling stiff and worn out, bath salts provide relief from stress, aches, and pains. Plus they smell amazing with essential oils and floral's ~ Wild rose is my fave!

  • Find me in your next yoga class and I will give you a big hug, to put a smile on your face!

Winter blessings, love Amanda


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