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It’s no secret: Yoga has become a part of our daily routine. We practice it in the morning to start our day right and then again in the afternoon to relieve all that tension after work. We do it mainly because it makes us feel good and it’s our time to relax and unwind, a moment within the day all to our own.

When thinking about yoga benefits, most people think about the physical ones. It makes us more flexible, stronger, improves our posture…all true.

But there are so many other benefits of yoga. So if you’re not already a yoga fan, these are just a couple of them that may convince you to start practicing.

1. Yoga teaches us self-compass

We are all too hard on ourselves sometimes. Learning to accept yourself as you are instead of focusing on your flaws will boost your confidence and allow you to be happier. Self-compassion isn’t just about accepting yourself as you are, it’s about taking care of yourself as well. Realizing that you deserve it, that you deserve the best.

2. It helps you connect with your body and mind at the same time

Practicing yoga will help you learn more about your body and everything it is capable of doing. With every practice, you will become more flexible and learn to own your breath. While practicing, you’re working on both your body and mind.

3. Yoga helps fight depression and relieve stress

Just half an hour a day can help you cultivate a mindful habit that will result in feeling calmer and finding your inner peace. Learn to let go of all the stress by being present and enjoying the moments of calm.

4. It teaches you to trust your body

Learning how to trust your body can transform your life. Being aware that everything you need is within you is one of the greatest yoga lessons. You will get to know your body and trust that it can do amazing things and make you feel better inside and out.

5. Helps you focus

Clear thoughts and a clear mind help you approach your daily challenges with a clear head. Yoga practice will sharpen your mind and prepare you for anything the new day brings. Discover how being more focused improves your productivity and helps tackle all the challenges.

6. Yoga improves your emotional balance

Learning to live in the moment is harder said than done. Having control of your thoughts, learning to relax in the given moment is a practice that requires time but just like any activity, it becomes better with practice.

7. Gives you a peace of mind

Feeling your best and calm inside gives you the most valuable gift of all – having a peace of mind.

8. Helps you think positive thoughts

Setting a positive mantra before a yoga session is a great way to start thinking positive thoughts and keep them all day long. Cultivate self-love and positive thoughts.

What has yoga taught you? Can you name some of the benefits you started noticing after practicing yoga for a longer time? Share your thoughts with us; we would love to hear from you.

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