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Yoga and Essential Oils

Many of us enjoy using and incorporating essential oils in our daily lives & I have been playing with essential oils & blends for many years. These oils are basically the life-force of the plant, including all the medicinal properties of that particular part of the plant. When used properly and respectfully, essential oils can be extremely powerful and healing to the body and mind.

Because of all these wonderful things, it only makes sense to integrate them into our yoga practice. I think the greatest benefit of essential oils in yoga is using them to bring the mind into a space of focus, concentration, and inner peace. That’s why when I plan out my weekly yoga classes I also bring into mind an emotional or spiritual element that I would like my students to be present with, then I introduce the essential oils that would invoke that sensation mindfully.

Aromatherapy Facts

Using essential oils in the form of Ananda Aromamist is best and most effective, as it can be used in many situations. Our sense of smell is argued to be the most impressive of the senses because of its connection to a network of nerves within the brain called the limbic system.

The receptors in the nose are connected to the limbic system, which is why our sense of smell can trigger memories and emotions. When we smell something, the chemical components of the oil binds with the receptors in our nose, telling the brain, “This is lavender!”

Depending on the oil and its properties (and any past experiences you’ve had with the smell), the result is usually an emotional response and/or a memory. In most cases (since essential oils usually smell pleasant) this triggers the brain to release neurotransmitters, such as serotonin or dopamine. Getting the brain to release these neurotransmitters is the primary effect of aromatherapy, helping keep our bodies in a healthy and happy state.

Choosing Which Oils to Use During Yoga

There are several different categories of smells and properties to choose from when it comes to essential oils. For example, some larger categories are citrus oils (energizing), floral oils (soothing), and earthy oils (grounding). Each type of oil can trigger different energies or moods.

Yoga teaches us that each day and each moment may be completely different in our bodies and minds. Recognizing that we are ever-changing is key, because if we don’t accept what the body is telling us (or asking us) in that very moment, then the essential oil we choose won’t even matter.

Listen to your body. Ask yourself a few questions. “How is my body feeling today?” “How am I feeling today?” “What will be the focus of this yoga practice?” And last, “How do I want to feel right now?” Answering these questions helps you better decide which oil (or oil blend) to use. While choice of essential oil is personal, it’s best to evaluate the whole picture so that your oil becomes a 100 percent beneficial and effective enhancement.

Aromamist Techniques

Normally, I like to put the oils blends right on the skin. Usually, I will apply it to my wrists, my neck, or upper chest & even spritz the air over the crown of the head, maybe even say a mini mantra to invoke the sensation a little deeper.

Applying the mist to the neck or upper chest is good because it will be close to the nose, for aromatherapy purposes. Another option is to use a diffuser or oil warmer. Both are efficient in spreading the oil scent around the room using heat.

Other options pending on the mist you purchased can be used as perfume, deodorant, room / car spray, linen, clothes, pet bedding, bath, kids

The effects of oils and aromatherapy can be so widely different for each person. It really is a beautiful and personal experience, especially when infused into your yoga, especially during savasana.

Aromamist Blends & Intentions

  • Tranquility = Calming

  • Ancient Meditation = Harmonizing

  • Turkish Moon = Compassion

  • Pick Me Up = Refreshing

  • Salute to the Sun = Energizing

  • Sweet Savasana = Relaxing

  • Awakening = Enlightening

  • Wisdom = Sacred

  • Happy Lotus = Grounding

  • Four Thieves = Cleansing & Purifying

I recently went to the Mind Body Spirit festival in Melbourne & mists seem to be the new biggest thing, as somebody who designs & blends my own Aromamist products, I use organic 100% essential oils, I was disgusted at the price of what some stall holders were charging (average price $44). I only charge $15 each for a 50ml mist & also offer a recycling, reuse, refill program for $12 each.

Maybe as I’m a yogi (not a money hungry business / company), I don’t want to rip off my students, I want them to enjoy the emotional, the mental & the spiritual transformations that may unfold for them whilst enjoying my divine mists.

Check out my website at for further information on each blend & their properties, each 50ml amber glass bottle is handmade with love. Feel free to purchase online or email me your orders & we can arrange pick up / drop off.

Namaste xoxo

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