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Day 12 ~ Welcoming change is Natural ~ Getting Unstuck : Creating a Limitless Life

Welcome to Day 12 and the concept of welcoming change, Nature of life is change yet that nature of human beings is to resist change. Often when we resist change is when we are given the opportunity for more. Embracing change is the secret of getting unstuck despite how difficult it may seem.

“Being fully present is being awake to the movement and creation of life, being alive to the process of life itself.”~ Pema Chodron

Message of the Day

Even if we feel our lives are stuck in a rut, the truth is that life is still constantly changing. This element of change is what makes life interesting, creative and new. We resist change because we mistakenly look for security in the past. Today’s meditation is about letting go of this resistance to the flow of life and finding wisdom and security in living in the ever present now, which is our essential nature.

Today’s Centering Thought

My life is dynamic because I welcome change

Our Sanskrit Mantra

“Ahrah Kahrah” ~ I invoke the creativity of the universe in my life.

Here is the link to our daily meditation:

Journal Questions

  1. The best way to welcome change is not to resist it, but rather to be in charge of the change. Write down 2 healthy changes you can start making today, such as switching to organic foods, signing up for a yoga class, or taking the first step in learning something new – such as a foreign language – that is mentally challenging.

  2. Now, list 2-3 things that create an undesirable mental state, meaning fatigue, worry, restlessness, boredom, dullness and a bad mood. Describe the ways you can offset or eliminate the cause of such feelings, such as avoiding people you only pretend to like, reducing repetitive routine tasks or finding creative ways to make them less boring, or making an effect to stop paying obsessive attention to bad news stories.

  3. Start making an effort to become proactive about your mental state, looking for ways to be interested, engaged, refreshed, rested and alert. Journal about 2-3 practical steps to activate a light, energized state of mind. Eg. Finding time to play everyday, spending time with people who make you laugh, or associating more with people whose ideas you find stimulating.

NOTE: Change is natural, go with it!


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