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Day 18 ~ Expanding Other People’s Awareness ~ Getting Unstuck : Creating a Limitless Life

When we experience joy and fulfilment, we naturally want everyone we love to have the same experience. It is possible to create change for another person, but it requires a very strong bond of sympathy, trust and love – all qualities of expanded awareness. The only thing we can do is create a space for someone else to change on their own terms but we cant direct the answer.

“The best teachers show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” ~ Alexandra K. Trenfor

Message of the Day

As we experience greater joy and ease in our lives, it is natural to want to share this experience of expanded awareness with others. But even well intentioned sharing can feel intrusive and unwelcome if it doesn’t build on the other person’s own curiosity and interest. Today’s meditation shows us that the best way to share the gift of expanded awareness is to simply let your awareness speak for itself, and then respond to other people’s curiosity and interest accordingly.

Today’s Centering Thought

I bring to others the same joy and fulfilment I want for myself.

Our Sanskrit Mantra

“Om Karuna Namah” ~ My true nature is compassion

Here is the link to our daily meditation:

Reflection Journal

  1. When we want someone to change, it will work best if our motives are selfless. Think of someone in my life whose behaviour / attitudes bother me and list several reasons why I think it would be good for them to change – not for me but for them.

  2. Using the same person, write my own personal reasons I want them to change. How can I get my own motives out of the way. Remember that no one needs to change simply for me and my reasons.

  3. Using the same person, how can I give them space to get unstuck? (Think of how I’d like someone to help me). Describe 2 things I can do to help this person change their situation looking at it as if I were in their shoes (not from my own values and judgement about them – ie. could I be more open, appreciative, sympathetic?) Ask them what they need from me and show my approval and support.

NOTE: “Transformation happens when you can reach out in generosity, in optimism and encourage someone else to open up to their awakened self” ~ Oprah


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