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Day 20 ~ Becoming the Ideal Co-Creator ~ Getting Unstuck : Creating a Limitless Life

Today we continue with the final days on the path to creating a limitless life.

“The closer you become to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.” ~ Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Message of the Day

Every day, whether we consciously realise it or not, we are growing into a more complete and fulfilled self. To develop our self-awareness most effectively requires our deepest creativity. With our creative self, we participate in the shaping of our experiential reality. We are not mere spectators in an objective world; we are co-creators involved in forming not only what we experience, but also how we experience it.

Today’s Centering Thought

I participate to the fullest in creating my personal reality.

Our Sanskrit Mantra

“Om Brahma Namah” ~ I invoke the creativity of the cosmos in my life.

Here is the link to our daily meditation:

Reflection Journal

  1. When others want to be your creative partner, many new possibilities appear spontaneously. Reflect on who currently likes to work with you and relate to you. Write down the reasons you think this is so. Eg. ‘We tend to agree most of the time’, ‘We don’t try to dominate or control each other’ or ‘We love the solutions we reach together’

  2. Thinking about the person you work with or relate to the best, consider how you can extend the same positive qualities to other relationships in which you don’t have the same level of camaraderie. Describe a few ways you can do this with someone you’d like to relate to or work with better.

  3. Consider one or two other people in your life with whom you see opportunities for co-creation. What are some benefits they bring to the table that you’d like to engage in? Write down the creative give and take that would bring out the best in both of you. Consider encouraging both sides of the collaboration by communicating what you’ve written down with the other person.


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