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Day 6 ~ You Deserve More Than Second Hand Experiences ~ Getting Unstuck : Creating a Limitless Life

We are taking important steps to getting unstuck and now we have a vision for how every day can renew itself.

You need to apply a new mental attitude to get unstuck. Refuse to accept second hand experiences, such as doing what someone else tells you to do and live up to the expectations of others. When you accept second hand experiences it is unsettling and you are not true to yourself. However, this does not mean you disrespect others and be rebellious by rejecting other all the time.

At first hand experience is when you are the author of the experience. It is much simpler to be ourselves all the time, but in reality life is about cooperating with others and we need to respect each other for true first hand experiences. When you are able to love a moment even when nothing interesting is happening that us a firsthand experience.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Message of the Day

Todays meditation is about learning to live authentically from your real self. That means your thoughts, feelings and behaviours arise from within the silence of your own awareness. This is in contrast to experience and behaviour that is driven by others beliefs, expectations and demands. That is second hand experience, the mode of living that is responsible for pressure, frustration and feeling stuck in life. First hand experience is living from our true self, where you direct your life from within, and find love, beauty and joy in every experience you have.

Today’s Centering Thought

Today I am completely free of the past

Our Sanskrit Mantra

“Rasa Hum” ~ I am life’s vitality

Here is the link to our daily meditation:

Journal Questions

  1. Write down 3 experiences you have regularly that do not represent your true self. For instance, when you do something only because someone else tells you to, when you live up to someone else’s low expectations, or when you “go along to get along.”

  2. Reflect on how it would feel to stop having these second hand experiences. Describe how it would be to do or say what you feel is right for you.

  3. Without going into big changes that feel daunting or unrealistic, reflect on how you can shift into experiences you really want. See a positive outcome in your mind’s eye as you start being more true to yourself. Write down 2-3 positive experiences you can give yourself today, asking permission from no one.

NOTE: Commit to each other as new fresh experience, then you will realise that every breath and moment is yours unstuck and free.


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