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Day 9 ~ A Creative self is Already Here ~ Getting Unstuck : Creating a Limitless Life

Creative living is not necessarily limited to artistic expression such as painting or music. Creative living means tapping into the best expression of your self – connect to what is most valuable to you. That is what we need to discover next on this journey. Your higher creative self always looks for a venue for expression. As we meditate we find our true selves and the creativity to express ourselves. Pay attention to your life and notice the things that bring you joy. Living in this manner is a fine art in itself.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct from inner necessity” ~ Carl Jung

Message of the Day

You don’t have to do anything new to become your creative self – that is already your essential nature – you only need to give it the outlet it always seeks in the present moment. Letting go of our resistance to being creative and spontaneous often comes down to releasing our self limiting beliefs and attitudes or low expectations. Such beliefs could be that you are not a creative person, or that you don’t deserve love, joy and fulfilment.

Today we discover that as we gain contact with our creative self in meditation, these self limiting beliefs begin to dissolve, allowing the natural expression of our joy, love and creativity to blossom in our lives.

Today’s Centering Thought

I find joy in creative living.

Our Sanskrit Mantra

“Ananda Hum” ~ I am unlimited joy.

Here is the link to our daily meditation:

Journal Questions

  1. Creativity is never like work. Write down 2-3 things that you know are joyful, relaxing and creative for you. Now, list the steps you can take to include at least one of these activities in your daily life.

  2. It’s also possible to turn work into something that no longer feels like a burden. Make a list of chores or duties that you avoid because they feel like work. Now, describe some ideas on how you can convert them into creative activities. Eg, singing as you do housework, inviting a friend to share your chore while you help her with something she doesn’t enjoy doing, or sitting down with the family to have each person make a list of what they most and least like to do, and then arrange a schedule that benefits everyone.

  3. Stuckness is often caused by low expectations. Write down one thing in your life in which you expect little success or happiness. It could be in relationships, work or your own self-esteem. Next, describe what you can do to raise your expectations, such as telling others what you really want instead of hoping they can guess what it is, making more time for activities that always lighten your mood, or actively searching for better friends by inviting someone you like and admire to go for coffee sometime.

NOTE : A creative life is an amplified life – Liz Gilbert


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