Here's My Go-To Foot Soak For Self-Care

Of all the beautifying and wellness rituals out there, baths certainly are among the most popular. In modern times, and in the West, we speak of them using words like "pampering," "indulgent," and "splurge." Of course, bathing practices can be all of those things should you want them to be—but they can also be a vital and integral part of regular life and rejuvenation, as they have been for all of human history. It's right in the vein of what we talk about here all of the time at Ananda Apothecary. Taking care of yourself—whatever that looks like to you—shouldn't be viewed as superficial or lavish.

But here's one area in which our bathing association with opulence might be spot-on for space. Bathtubs, especially the soaking kind, aren't always a given in many new homes or apartments. So you can always turn to foot soaks in these instances.

Personally I try to do a ritual bath once a week, but sometimes I simply just run out of time, so recently I've gotten into foot soaks.

An easy guide to a mindful foot soak.

Before we begin, let me give you the rundown on foot soaks, they're pretty great, they come with loads of benefits.

  1. A nightly foot soak can help relieve anxiety

  2. Improve sleep quality.

  3. Overall energy levels improved.

  4. Reduce stress levels and high blood pressure.

  5. Helps lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone

  6. Improve blood circulation and keep body temperature regulated.

All sounds good, no? Turning a simple foot soak into a mindful one only takes a few small steps and items, such as the below:

Now you're ready to soak:

  1. Bring in nature. Connect to the power of nature in order to be your own healer. I really love bringing natural elements into the bath: flowers, salts, herbal tea, crystals, and even stones that you've found on the beach that really speak to you.

  2. Seal in the moisture with oil. Post-bath, it's vital that you trap in all that hydration with a skin-friendly oil. If you don't, you'll experience transepidermal water loss and may end up damaging your skin barrier. We love jojoba, coconut, and argan—but whatever one you love the most will do just fine.

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