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How Vata are You?

Vatas are a combination of air & space.

Discover best food & lifestyle habits, tips, and what to do during Vata imbalance in this guide

As divine beings created for a special purpose, the cosmos has given all of us various roles to play. That’s right. You were born to fulfill a special purpose or dharma to fulfill. All human beings are made of a unique mix of spiritual energies, which we call “doshas”. An ancient Ayurvedic concept, these doshas are present in different levels within us, and depending on which ones are more dominant, they define who we are — from our personality to the way we look!

Doesn’t that sound incredible to you? Imagine being so divine that you were crafted with such care and attention to detail. We are blessed beings with such a powerful ability to change the course of our lives and that of others too.

Vata has the characteristics of air and space, and it’s responsible for movement;

Pitta has the characteristics of water and fire and is responsible for digestion and metabolism; and Kapha has the characteristics of earth and water and is responsible for structure and lubrication.

If you are a Vata dosha type, keep reading to discover all kinds of magical things that the Vata dosha indicates about yourself!

The Vata Body Type

When you take a look at people, their physical traits often give away their dosha type! Here are a few ways to identify if you or a loved one are a Vata type!

  • Vatas have a smaller body frame.

  • They are slender, with particularly long, elegant fingers and toes.

  • Vatas have a very prominent bone structure.

  • They are either very tall people or very short! There is no in-between.

  • They walk or run in a quick, unsteady way — there’s a lot of uncontrollable energy to their movements.

  • Vata doshas also tend to have dry skin. Sometimes, there may be excessive oil in some parts of the face, such as the nose, but their skin is predominantly dry.

  • Their hair tends to be thin and dry — quite like the air in the Vata dosha.

  • Their voice has a quality of being dry or crisp in their intonations!

  • Vatas also have very delicate digestion systems, making them prone to constipation. They’re very erratic in their eating habits and can go hours without food when they’re focused on something they like.

The Vata Personality

Have you ever met people who can’t seem to stop moving? Restless, active, and imaginative, Vatas are the most creative doshas! They jump from one idea to the next. The word “brainstorm” accurately describes a Vata personality.

They’re funny, witty, and easy-going people to be around. They ideate and create a vision that is so breathtaking it can change the world.

Vata personalities do, however, tend to be too flighty at times. Getting this dosha type to sit and stick to any one vision or idea can be a tough task.

They’re never bored. There’s too much to dream and think about! They are the ones who start any action and are often the multitaskers who seem to be doing fifteen things at once.

Talk about being a force of nature in human form, Vatas are like hurricanes. They’re great people to be friends with, as they’ll brush away the dust and help you move further ahead in life!

“My Vata is quicker than lightning, more creative than a magician and moves like the wind".

- Ananda Yoga Hub -

Best Food Habits for Vatas

When we talk about Vatas, your food habits matter — be it as erratic as it might be! Vata dosha types require a very specific kind of food to boost their capabilities, and here are a few ways to change your food regimen to match it!

  • Stick to regular timings for your meals. That’s right. Figure out if you’d like multiple small meals over the day or the usual three-meal system.

  • Favor warm foods over cold foods.

  • Eat moist foods with oil in it. Cook and garnish your meals with good-quality oils or ghee.

  • Stay hydrated! Try to have warm water, or room-temperature water more often.

Signs and Symptoms of Vata Imbalance

As awesome as Vatas are, a Vata imbalance can be very crippling for dosha types, especially Vata dominant doshas. But what does an imbalance in the Vata dosha look like?

Well, here are a few signs or symptoms that you’re facing a Vata imbalance.

  • You’re switching between activities constantly, without being able to focus on them properly.

  • Your train of thought keeps going off the rails. You get an idea, then an idea within the idea, and… you see where I’m going with this? As creative as Vatas are, they’re also defined by the clarity of their visions.

  • You keep forgetting things all the time. A dosha of the mind, if you find yourself being forgetful, it might be a sign that you have a Vata imbalance.

  • A sudden sensitivity to stimuli. Do you get overwhelmed by loud noises or extremely bright visuals? You might be going through a Vata imbalance, making you more sensitive to stimuli.

  • You’re emotionally withdrawn in your relationships. When there’s a Vata imbalance, there is an urge to isolate and withdraw from people.

Ways to Balance the Vata Dosha

If you’re facing a vata imbalance, bringing the dosha back into balance can be a struggle. But don’t worry, I’ve come up with some easy ways to help balance it out!

1. Enrich your life with oil!

As a dosha type that tends to be drier, incorporate more oil into your skincare regimen, get hot oil massages and eat foods with healthy oils!

2. Establish a consistent routine!

I know you love living life as a free spirit, but a little discipline and habit formation will do wonders for you. As a dosha type with more energy than others, it can help bring focus to your day and really help you live your best life!

3. Learn to slow down

As much as you love to grab life by the throat, sometimes, slowing down can help you see the details. Learning to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination is quite important. Try meditating or journaling to master the art of slowing down.

4. Stay warm

As a vata dosha, you’re more prone to the cold than the other dosha types, so bundle up! Get those sweaters and blankets in to keep your body warm.

5. Spend time in nature!

Stepping outside can be the best thing ever for a vata imbalance. By realigning yourself with nature’s pace, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier and bring your doshas into balance.

6. Exercise

As an energetic sign, sometimes, we need a safe place to release all that energy! A solid exercise routine can be very helpful for vatas!

7. Essential Oils

Ananda Apothecary designed Well Rooted Aromamist a warming and grounding blend using organic essential, allowing a Vata person to find balance of sturdier roots, become focused, grounded and serene.

Well Rooted

Grounded ~ Warming ~ Balancing

The most balancing essentials oils for a Vata person are warm, sweet + sour scents. Try a grounding blend of Ginger, Vanilla, Sweet Basil, Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium, Clove Bud, + Patchouli.

Tips to Live Your Best Life as a Vata Dosha

As a vata dosha type, it can be easy to get carried along with the flow. You’re like the wind — everchanging and ephemeral. But to make the most of your dosha type, try these tips that worked great for me!

1. Establish your daily activities

One of the biggest struggles as a vata dosha type is getting into a disciplined routine. Start by planning the day’s tasks the night before. Mark out the time you’ll spend for each task and plot your daily regimen, from exercise to meal times in it. And stick to it, one day at a time. Trust me; you’ll thank yourself for it later.

2. Take enough breaks

Yes, I know how amazing that idea is and that you want to get started immediately, but do not work yourself to the bone! As a vata, rest is essential. So take breaks and get those eight hours of sleep, divine being!

3. Wake up early

The best way to start a day as a vata can be to have a few hours of quiet and stillness before you go wild and release your amazing creative energy! Wake up early and spend those hours meditating or doing things that calm you.

4. Practice breathing exercises

As a vata dosha type, it is essential to reconnect with your element. By incorporating breathing exercises into your routine and learning to take deeper breaths, you’ll be on your A-game through the day!

5. Wear loose clothing

Restrictive clothing will quite literally make you feel like you’re choking for air. You’re meant to be breezy, so choose soft fabrics that’ll let you float like the gentle breeze you are.

6. Avoid screen time

Have a set number of hours away from your devices. As vata doshas, we are more prone to getting distracted and overstimulated by all the wonders of the Internet. In order to facilitate clarity of thought, try not to touch your devices at least for an hour before and after you wake up.

7. Practice silence

One of the hardest things to do as a vata dosha is to not spill everything that’s tumbling through our brains. But by learning to withdraw into your inner thought, you can create a plan for the magnificent idea you came up with!

Being a vata dosha is a path of change and evolution. It can be the most exhilarating life if we nourish it and let ourselves fulfill our true dharma or purpose. As a spiritual being, I hope you learn to understand yourself better. Spiritual growth is the ultimate act of self-care, and the fact that you’re reading this article is proof that you wish to evolve and grow as a person!

The path of spirituality isn’t an easy path, but you and I are meant to connect here, at this moment. As you find yourself and walk the path of enlightenment,

I’m always here to help. I wish you the very best, sun-being!


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