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7 Powerful Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Goddess

I believe that every women of every size, shape and color are Goddesses that hold magic, deep inner wisdom and inherent beauty.

It is SO important to acknowledge and nurture this power in everyday life and I see so many of us that find it challenging to access their gifts and trust the wisdom that truly lives within.

Many of us have moved through life feeling less than ourselves. Conditioning, fear and negative experiences may have pushed our true nature a little deeper than we have been able to regularly access.

Today I wanted to share some beautiful ways for you to step into your goddess power so that you can begin to harness the beautiful power within YOU!

(And please feel free to share this with other goddesses who need to hear this!)


Goddess know that in order to nurture and serve their loved ones to their fullest, they need to care for themselves first. Creating a daily practice of honoring your body, mind and spirit is a must.

This can be a bath of healing salts, a spritzing your favourite goddess essential oil aromamist on yourself as a perfume of place in your vaporiser and let the room fill with your favourite scent, setting aside time for you to just be or anything else that makes YOU feel nurtured.


Tap into the power of your intuition. goddesses hold the wisdom of the generations before us. In order to stay centered and open, set up a daily time for reflection or meditation.

You can journal before bed and write down all the things you are grateful for, you can begin a daily mediation practice (even a few minutes can create a shift!), or simply find something that creates stillness in your life so that you can hear your intuition speak to you.

The more you listen, the clearer your intuition will be heard!


This can be a challenging one for some, but it is crucial in tapping into your goddess power. You are a being of Divine light. Remind yourself of this daily by writing down the things you love about yourself on a list every day and look at it whenever you need to.

You can even create an affirmation surrounding self-love and say it in the morning first thing upon waking and at night just before you fall asleep.


Whether you love to play with crystals or step outside barefoot, garden or hike. Finding time to connect with the Earth is another way to honor the divine in you! Try to go outside as often as you can, carry your crystals with you or have them on your desk to remind you of your deep connection with the planet and those living on it.


Speak your truth always. Living fully in who you are and authentically is powerful and speaking your truth is an essential component to living your truth. It is ok to stand up for yourself and let people know how you feel about certain situations.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the things you want or speak up when you feel something is out of alignment for you.


Infuse your life with little rituals. These are beautiful reminders of your goddess nature and connection to everything. They can range from big to small and don’t need to be elaborate!

Create your own altar, say a few words before you eat your meals. If you pluck a flower or take a fruit from a tree, thank the tree or plant from which it came. Bringing small rituals to your everyday life can foster a greater awareness and gratitude.

You can also create rituals surrounding your yoga and meditation practice if you have have one by creating sacred space, lighting candles or putting on soothing music.


Of course this is my favorite! Goddesses will reflect their inner beauty by surrounding themselves with outer beauty as well. Create a beautiful environment for yourself with inspiring images, statues, artwork or crystals and make sure that is free of clutter!

You may also adorn yourself with sacred jewelry. Choose your favorite crystals and gems to support your journey, or find jewellery with symbols that reflect your intentions.

Malas are wonderful sacred jewelry you can use as a sacred tool, but anything that inspires your spirit and makes you feel like a Goddess is perfect!

I hope that you will try at least some of these to step into your Goddess power and share with me which ones resonated most with you.

Amanda xoxo


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